Aerodromes Working Group

Report from the Aerodromes Working Group

During this meeting we are focussing on the most important point – improvement of ICAO ANNEX 14, the improvement of the Airport Service Manual Part 3 Bird Control and Reduction. Some IBSC members like me, John Allan, Richard Dolbeer, etc were contacted by ICAO over a month ago and ICAO proposed to create an IBSC advisory group in order to prepare a draft of this modification concerning ANNEX 14 and the bird control and reduction manual so we maybe will meet with Mr. Rao later and I propose that this working group recommends four points:

1. IBSC members are requested to contact their civil aviation authority in order to propose that ICAO adopt as minimum best practice the standards for aerodrome bird control discussed and approved during this meeting. These standards should also be recommended and implemented at military airfields.
2. Laser equipment can be useful as an additional tool on civil and military aerodromes to reduce bird strikes occurring on the runways during low visibility conditions especially at night.
3. Long grass management doesn’t only mean vegetation more than 20cm high, it also means very dense grass so that rodents cannot be detected or caught by a bird of prey.
4. Before introducing new grass species as a bird deterrent on the airfield, it must be checked that it doesn’t have any negative impact on the existing eco-system. Strong co-operation with the Natural Protection Authority is highly recommended.