Legal Affairs Working Group

Report from the Legal Working Group

The liability matter created interest among people in aviation and others who are directly or indirectly involved in aviation. Beside the legal aspect, on this matter it is very interesting to stress an insurance aspect, I hope that for our next conference we will be able to introduce to you the new interesting papers both on insurance and legal liability aspects. Therefore I would like to present the following suggestions:

1. IBSC encourages a state to establish national committees for monitoring and consulting purposes.
2. IBSC encourages the state and the CAAs to promote and implement air safety regulations also on approach and departure sections outside the direct airport ground therefore avoiding the human activities that might attract birds.
3. Make best efforts to collect in a booklet all national regulations concerning bird strike or wildlife hazards and all court decisions. From this place I kindly ask some of you if you have some copies of the new court decisions to send them to us or if you know anyone who may have them.
4. We encourage initiatives by all participants to ensure that all responsible persons at the airport are sufficiently aware of the wildlife hazard problem and that they fully commit their support to wildlife management activities at their airport before the occurrence of collisions between animals, birds and aircraft. All of this is necessary to avoid the very long and expensive court proceedings and/or very high payment by insurance companies in the case of material damage or injury or death of people.